Laura Geller Quench 'n' Tint Review

Make-up , 3 September 2017

Laura Geller Quench ‘n’ Tint: The Base My Mum (REALLY) Wants You To Know About

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My mum is what I’d call a functional make-up wearer; she likes the end result, but doesn’t especially enjoy the process of applying it – or of picking it. This has always felt curious to me, given that I find applying make-up meditative and fun, and that each new product feels like an addition to my potential repertoire and comes with endless possibilities. This chasm between our attitudes to cosmetics also seems widened by the fact that I share most her features and feel like she too could derive such pleasure from widening and softening and playing up and dialling down the lips and eyes that I’ve come to know so well through inheritance.

My mum’s stance on slap does, however, make her a perfect tester for something’s efficacy. While I might find a use for a gold gel eyeliner, she’s got no time for those kinds of little embellishments and is just about bang for buck and speedy solutions. This approach also means she rarely raves about products to me – a mascara is a mascara is a mascara in her view, and unless it’s shockingly bad or outrageously good, it won’t be mentioned.

Now that you know the above, you can surely imagine my surprise when mum and I went for dinner last weekend and she insisted I pen a piece to tell you all about the Laura Geller Quench ‘n’ Tint Hydrating Foundation. She was so animated and was practically eulogising about the base that I of course complied and started taking notes immediately.

A little housekeeping before I hand you over to mum, as it were. First, as a beauty editor, I feel compelled to add a little context to her review. Laura Geller is an American brand that’s hugely popular for base products, and the praise is well-deserved – they do them stupendously well. This base is no exception – though on my acne and shine-prone skin, I’ve found I only liked using it on dry days or applied just to cheeks/under eyes. It offers light to medium coverage, but the big selling point is the whammy of hydration that keeps skin bouncy and fresh-looking for ages. My single complaint? It doesn’t come in a huge colour range, but then mum used medium and found that to be ideal, so she didn’t flag that. Here’s what she had to say…

My mum

“I noticed this goes on really smoothly from the off – it’s like applying a moisturiser, not a foundation. It really made my dry and dehydrated skin feel moist and healthy, and I loved that it padded out my fine – and not so fine – lines. That effect lasted almost all day so I’m very impressed.

I’d equate the coverage to being just a bit less than my Estée Lauder Double Wear – but with added moisture. It looks really fresh. I’d really recommend it for anyone with dry skin where you feel like your wrinkles come out when you smile. Sometimes with other make-up I need to moisturise on top – this doesn’t need that. It’s like a moisturiser that stays put. I’d definitely buy it again.”



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