Make-up , 6 September 2017

Talking Foundation With Alesha Dixon

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Recently, an intern told me that they’d never seen an episode of Friends. Not one. Granted, she was 21, so the very last episode aired when she was only 7, but I nonetheless was flabbergasted, then realised that perhaps this was an indicator of the speed with which I am hurtling towards my dotage.

Similar indications abound if I look for them. I really remember Postman Pat from my childhood, for example, with the successor as kiddie favourite, Mr Blobby, being a mere blot on my memory because I was too damn old when he (it?) became popular – and even then that was mostly because of that bloody awful song that I heard in all shopping centres during teenage years. Actually, shopping centres are also probably indicators of age, aren’t they? Do teenagers even go to them to meet up and hang out anymore, or are they now too savvy to want to bleed all their pocket money in a Claire’s Accessories of a Saturday?

Stick with me – this preamble pertains to this post. You see, when I was waiting to film with Alesha Dixon for the latest instalment of the Debenhams Beauty Club series, I couldn’t get the refrain from She Wants to Move out my head. Round and round it went with the accompanying mental image of Alesha dancing up a storm surrounded by spaceships and other oddities (she was clearly the best thing in that video), until I couldn’t help but hum it. A runner asked me what it was, and I told them and – wait for it – they had never heard it. Too young. So scandalous (which, incidentally, is a song by Alesha’s erstwhile band, Mis-teeq).

ANYWAY. The end result of the morning spent with Alesha? The above video on how to pick a foundation, covering everything from choosing a finish to finding the right shade to how to apply it. And – fortunately for you – none of my humming made the edit.

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