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Make-up, Skincare , 22 October 2017

My Sunday Face / Easy Like…

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It has to be said that I rarely listen to Lionel Richie with that sentimental glint in my eye that says ‘yes, I understand. We are of one mind, me and you’. I can’t conceive of anything more distressing than dancing on a ceiling – in fact, every lyric of that song rails against my evening out philosophy: I don’t ‘lose control’, I am famously ‘uptight’ when it comes to bedtime, and I never struggle to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.*

The only thing that inspires more horror than the utter chaos invoked in that seminal work? The idea of it going on ALL NIGHT. All night long. Oh the hangover that would ensue. And the mayhem if everyone paid heed to his cry to ‘throw away the work to be done.’ And it goes on in the streets. So nobody is getting any sleep. It sounds quite simply awful.

But I suppose that might not bother Richie so much, because given the obsession with the object of his love as demonstrated in Hello, Stuck On You, and Endless Love, he’s either spending the quieter nights dreaming about kissing her lips a thousand times, or on a midnight train to make it back as quickly as National Rail will allow.

But Lionel and I agree on this: Sunday mornings should be cas’. Mellow. Devoid of pretence and the chains of expectation. We ‘wanna be free’ on a Sunday and I too am ‘not happy when I fake it.’ Our meeting of minds of this particular topic (sort of – I know that he wants to be free of a broad, me of fuss, but still) is why I suspect that Lionel would really back my Sunday beauty philosophy, my mantra being that the end of the week should act as a palate cleanser of sorts.

Sunday is my day to read, to have a long bath, to take Monty for the longest walk, to phone friends and have a proper gossip, to fold my socks (I’m still a Marie Kondo-er), and to wear mostly things made out of towelling or cashmere – there is no in-between for me. It is not a day for fancy make-up, for complicated skincare, for contrivance of any sort.

And so here’s what I do. I cleanse pre-bath. I then whack on something moisturising and let it soak in as I soak in the deliciously-scented water. When out and oiled up (my body unmoisturised would only cloud my happiness for I can’t stand the feeling of tight, dry skin), on goes eye cream and an SPF (always – ALWAYS – SPF).

I often need base for my confidence if I’m to see fellow humans, but Sunday’s pick is always a little more lightweight and more in the realm of tinted moisturiser than foundation. Next, I just try to neaten things up rather than embellish. This means brows are brushed, lips loaded up with balm, and a nourishing face-enhancing highlighter added. Nought else. Told ya: Sunday morning really is an easy affair for me.

* On occasion, mostly at the Hut, I behave in a wild fashion, giving me the exception that proves this rule of mine.

Today’s Picks //

Cleanser / Clinique Pep Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask / I’m afraid I cannot fathom what the bloody hell all those weird foamy bubbles actually do as all the experts seem to say such different things on the topic, but I can tell you that this leaves skin clean but not squeaky or irritated, and it is really rather fun to use so gets the thumbs up from me.

Moisturiser / Lixir Universal Emulsion / Pretty AND practical, this is the answer for you if the idea of a long routine makes you balk, or if you’re travelling/want something in your handbag for different areas of dryness. It’s not the thickest, most moisturising thing in the world so maybe add a serum if you’re really dry, but it’s not greasy in the slightest and leaves my skin feeling lovely and velvety.

Eye Cream / The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Eye Cream / Thick. Buttery. Lovely. Can’t possibly tell you if it does anything remarkable at this early stage of use, but if your eyes need a REAL cosseting layer of moisture, it’s good. And organic, if that’s important to you.

SPF / This Works In Transit Skin Defence / I go back to this SPF a lot as it is very fluid so doesn’t make my make-up pill, and it doesn’t feel like a big, thick layer on my skin.

Base + Concealer / Pixi by Petra Illuminating Tint & Conceal / The tint is truly a tint, offering a whisper of unifying base. The thing that distinguishes this from the other base/concealer combos out there? The concealer is a real, decent egg. It’s dry, not some wet, overly fluid, insipid affair, and cover both spots and under-eye bags with equal aplomb. Another thing I like about this one is that you can swipe it on out the bullet and finger blend, meaning no brushes are needed.

Highlighter / RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad / Don’t listen to a word of any supermodel telling you they use anything but this when they’re doing their own glossy, glowing make-up – this is the thing they ALL use. It’s a coconut-based, organic illuminating balm that’s moisturising but not greasy. I often use it on my eyelids, too, on my Sunday face.

Brows / Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer / I’m not especially married to this brow tamer, but I do enjoy it – it’s clear (I’m not obsessed with coloured brow gels), and comes on a little wand that doesn’t dispense too much of it.

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  • Katie Jenner says:

    Bubble cleansing/masks look so funny, but I trust Clinique and I’m obsessed with cleansing. I lave the REN and Pixi clay/mud cleansers – is this at all similar? Will Google this eye cream too – I’m after a buttery/thick one, and am devo that I can’t find the Sunday Riley one at all anymore. It’s a travesty!

    • Mads says:

      Hey Katie! Ah well bubble masks are slightly diff to clay/mud cleansers as they sort of have a mask effect and do a bit ‘extra’, as it were. I don’t use this one every single day as I’m worried about it drying my skin out – more of a every other day/weekend option. Nothing worse than a discontinued eye one! If you want to get a bit speedy, creme de la mer make an amazing one, too X

  • Ana sousa says:

    Lixir Emulsion is the best! I started my second packaging and I truly love it! Great post and ideas 🙂

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  • make it up says:

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