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Diary, Skincare , 9 January 2018

Some Heroes During A Fortnight From Hell

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In case you hadn’t already gathered, I don’t do illness well. Not for me the quiet retreat to my bed until I’ve recovered. Oh no. In the throes of illness, I am a nightmare. I’m a thrashing, moaning, depressed sod who swoons, coughs, and – whenever I can bring myself to speak – wails and whinges out my most maudlin thoughts.

I also find I take on quasi-religious beliefs, wondering which God I could’ve offended in which way to be thus persecuted. If you’ve seen The Mummy Returns, you might remember the character who when faced with almost certain death pulls out a chain representing each of the Gods of major religions and quickly appeals to them all. I find that in illness he and I have much in common.

Skincare,  however, is something of a salvation in times of convalescence. Things may be pared back to the barest of essentials, but those moments in front of the sink feel slightly restorative, make me feel ever so slightly more human – and then I go back to moaning and thrashing, of course. Here are some that I have found to be excellent at making my vessel of disease a more comfortable place to be //

Illness Beauty Products

Sisley Black Rose Mask / Just the best comfort in a tube you could buy. I’m sure dermatologists would want me to use something containing antiseptic on broken bits of skin, but I tend to use this in a thick layer around my nose and it doesn’t sting and definitely does properly render skin more elastic and less parched.

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist / Non-essential, this one. But if you find a shower of slightly herbal-scented water refreshing and cannot make it to a real shower, I’d really recommend. It just peps me up a bit, and if you apply it under moisturiser, it really helps it to absorb better. Again: doesn’t sting on nude patches as no astringent.

Clinique Pep Start Lip Mask / They say this is a night mask, but I say tosh to that. Use it like a lovely balmy lip balm that you can get away with applying less frequently and still reap the benefits. It’s totally fragrance-free so no need to worry about a scent bothering you when ill.

Darphin Predetermine

Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules / On many days, I’ve been too poorly to apply this. But when I’ve mustered up the energy to pop it on clean skin before bed, BOY do I see the difference. Vitamin C is an extraordinary antioxidant (meaning it offsets free radicals which damage skin) and this is just great. These are out imminently in the UK and are well worth waiting for if you’re considering buying a good vitamin C serum.

Darphin Predetermine Sculpting Night Cream / I’m not a fan of creams and generally give them fairly short shrift. This is different,  however. Texturally, it’s thick to scoop but cool – like a cold cream. They say on the pot that it’s for all skin types and as an acne-prone woman who’s been using this for about three months (and still haven’t made a real dent in it), I’m inclined to agree. Bit of scent here, but light and floral though not cloying so I find refreshing. Supposed to do some sculpting but am afraid I’ll have to report back on that.

By Terry Terribly Densiliss / Given that I usually can’t be bothered with proper skincare when ill, make-up is out. But when I find myself recovering, I always reach for this serum/foundation hybrid that offers decent coverage but is really hydrating so that the ravages of illness break through halfway through the day.

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