Scent , 20 March 2018

How To Pick A Perfume For Someone Else / Debenhams Beauty Club

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I’ve spent yet another weekend coughing and coughing and coughing and… Well, that’s enough of that. It’s boring enough this end without banging on about it here. The reason I bring it up isn’t to harp on about being ill again, but to say that I’ve had a chance to scan through some old work and found this little video I made for Debenhams with Alesha Dixon and thought it might be useful if you’re in the position of buying a perfume for someone else.

Feel totally free to disregard the actual suggestions of perfumes I make – they’re all lovely, but they’re basically the newbies that fit the categories as, obviously, Debenhams is a shop and they wanted me to highlight the newest and biggest new launches. But, unless you’re totally sure of the perfume you’re buying for someone, heed the tips lest you make the mistake my dad has made many a time in buying mum a lily-based perfume when she isn’t a fan of florals in the slightest…

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