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Actual Breakfast At Tiffany’s & NYFW: My Photo & Video Diary

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New York in September is an entirely different city to the one I visited during the midst of a cold snap during February a couple of years ago. That time round, I couldn’t walk for more than a block without darting into a shop to lean on a radiator for warmth. Fashion week was then forbidding, a struggle to get from one place to another without frostbite. (Though Victoria Beckham somehow managed a few street style shots wearing sleeveless tops and what not – her dedication to the cause is remarkable; I opted for three layers of wool and a big, nondescript blanket of a coat to go backstage, so extreme was the cold.)

New York

This time, it was hot, and beauty and fashion people lurked everywhere soaking up the atmosphere. One night when I was walking back from an event, Charlotte Tilbury’s unmistakable cackle reached my ears through the sizzling night air and I turned the corner to see her having a gossip outside, red hair cascading down her back, very high heels on – despite the fact that a quick look at her Instagram stories told me she’d been teetering on them all day (again: dedication. This seems to be a common theme among these power women).

New York

While out there, I made the above video, and spent two days with Tiffany & Co., which involved trying on lots of diamonds, getting the breakdown of their new signature scent, and watching St. Vincent sing while celebs wafted around the room (among which was Riley Keough, Elvis’s granddaughter – I missed her, which those of you who’ve read about my unswerving devotion to Elvis will understand cut me to the core). I also, of course, went backstage at a bunch of shows, where a gaggle of impossibly beautiful models were being preened. All photos below, with captions where I thought necessary. List of restaurant and shopping recommendations to follow //

Tiffany Perfume Launch Party

Actual Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Apparently they rarely host breakfasts in the shop, so this was a bit of a moment… 

Tiffany's Breakfast

… As was trying on millions and zillions of pounds worth of diamonds (all under the VERY watchful eye of a security guard)… 

Tiffany and Co Diamonds

Tiffany & Co Diamonds

And I got to see the Tiffany Diamond up close. It’s lived in the shop since 1940, and has only been worn out twice since then, by a socialite and by Audrey Hepburn. It’s 128.54 carats, and while I don’t usually find sizeable diamonds all that exciting, this was really quite remarkable up close.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Peony Lim was there too. She has amazing taste, so give her a follow if you’d like some fashion and beauty tips.

Tiffany & Co Diamonds

Tiffany and Co Fragrance

St. Vincent Tiffany and Co

Gigi Hadid being prepped for the Brandon Maxwell show…

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Backstage

Backstage NYFW

… And model of the moment Kaia Gerber was there too. It’s interesting to meet a model so early in her career – she’s enormously sweet, polite, and easy going.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber Backstage

Kendall Jenner backstage at Wang…

Kendall Jenner Backstage

Backstage at NYFW

Backstage at NYFW

Backstage at NYFW

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