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Skincare , 13 July 2018

The Giveaway / Oskia Adaptive Tan Mist

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Did you start fake tanning in the ‘90s? If so, you probably harbour some suspicions about all the myriad new forms the stuff now comes in, as anyone who once traipsed around town covered in a layer of what looked like smeared poo for the requisite 12 hour developing time is perfectly justified in doing.

But it’s a brave new thrilling world. Bronzed skin can be yours – minus stink, plus hydration – pretty easily now. And if you hate a mousse or liquid tan (I do – even with the utmost care I find they always end up streaky), you can now use an oil, or a gradual creamy formula, or those handy drops you just add into whatever else you’re rubbing on your face and bod.

Personally, I like a spray. So easy. So speedy. So foolproof. I fell in love with a new version every few years (you may remember my Amber Solaire obsession). My newest favourite is the Oskia Adaptive Tan Mist. And not just for the aforementioned reasons of ease but also because the tan shade is so damn realistic that I found myself checking my spf to make sure it wasn’t off as the colour I’d developed on my face and neck looked so close to the colour I’d go in the sun. It also contains melanin boosters, which means your skin tone will deepen over time without the sun – and also build up a slight cellular resistance to sun (but good God you still need SPF).

I have only tested it on myself, so if you’re much darker or lighter, I’m curious to hear what your experience of it is – but if you’re around my colour, I can practically guarantee you’ll love it. In fact I’m so certain that I asked Oskia if they’d give five of my readers a bottle to try and, being the good sports they are, they said yes.

Usual drill: leave me a comment (preferably with a tan product recommendation or tanning anecdote so I have more fuel for my ‘wear SPF’ mission), and five winners will be picked on the 10th of August 2018 and notified by email before being sent their very own bottle of Oskia Adaptive Tan Mist. (This competition is open to UK residents only.)

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  • Kelly Glen says:

    If I so much as go in the sun my skin gets itchy and sore so something like this would be good so I can look a little bit like I have a tan.

  • Laura says:

    I always fake-tan before I go on holiday, then come home paler than before I went! Better than coming home looking like a lobster though 🙂

  • Lesley says:

    Never used a spray one before – still looking for my perfect fake tan!

  • Emma Jane burton says:

    Never ever use oil! I used it once in lanzerote and thought that it would make me look like a bronzed goddess! More like a lobster and the pain was horrendous !! Never again

  • paula cheadle says:

    I have never used tan spray, but I am thinking about using one, as I am finding that I can’t sit in the sun like I used too

  • Sue says:

    I don’t sunbathe anymore as I over did it in my youth when we thought getting a tan meant going bright red first! I’d like to try a good spray tan to even out my sun damaged skin ????

  • Sarah watkinson says:

    I love skinny tan, but would love to give this agoxx

  • I have always avoided fake tan as I can never apply it properly but I do like the Clarins gradual tan that you add to your normal moisturiser as you can gradually build up the colour and it doesn’t smell too bad

  • Natalie says:

    So intrigued by this product. I absolutely love Oskia and they make up almost all of my skincare so I can’t wait to see what this is like.

    Tanning wise I love vita liberata. I find their products Works so well if you have yellow undertones and the quality is great. Their body blur is my fail safe if I need to be tanned quick. Also recently I have been loving Bobbi Brown Elvis bronzer. It’s gives the skin such a natural glow that looks like you’ve just been away. It looks a little scary in the pan but beautiful on the skin xx

  • lori mike says:

    Hi! They seem very good with nice results I may say. I would like to know your opinion about this one (if they’re really worth it ) and what products would you suggest. Thanks! https://bit.ly/2OdpCHW

  • Roberta says:

    I haven’t used fake tan since I was 15 and decided to give my mum’s a go…I ended up with orange, streaky legs. I’d love to try the Oskia one as I’m having to bare my legs in this heatwave and they are so pale, they are practically luminous!

  • Jo P says:

    I’ve never really fake tanned as I’m scared of going orange.

  • Molly says:

    I love being tan, but have accepted the reality that the week or two of a nice glow is not worth the long term damage. When out in the sun, I mix Bain de Soleil Mega Tan, which has a subtle fake tan in spf4, with Anthelios 30, in order to get some half natural/half fake colour without over doing it. I would love to try this product especially to see if I could swap out the Bain de Soleil with the Oskia and stick to my regular routine.

    On my face, I always use spf50+ and apply bronzer if I need colour. If I like the oskia colour I would buy the face drops, they sound great!

  • cheryl hadfield says:

    I would love to try this product, after using so many other fake tans on the past and nerly always too streaky I feel this may be the one for me.

  • Jo Chadwick says:

    I would LOVE to stop being a complete slave to my Clarins Milky Lotion (though to be fair it does smell of Figs, not biscuits. And not Fig Biscuits either). Please please cure me of my addiction by choosing me!

  • Ellie says:

    I have just discovered your website through Esther Coren’s instagram and am having a glorious time going back and reading all your articles!

    Tanning anecdote: I used badly-applied Garnier dark gradual tan all through secondary school, so basically spent my formative years smelling like biscuits and looking weirdly dirty. When you were younger did you ever make paper look “old” by putting it in coffee or tea and staining it? That was what my skin looked like for about 5 years….

    • Mads says:

      Ah lovely Esther! Glad you’re enjoying it. I did exactly the same to my poor skin – such a shame, as I had such young, juicy skin that didn’t need that horrid excess of tan. I suppose there’s some such disaster in most women’s younger years.

  • Tracy Whitley says:

    I love a quick and easy tanning product. My skin is pale (blue at times) and haven’t found my perfect product. Yet. I first tried fake tan when I was 18 (20 years ago) and it was a disaster. It was a spray you ‘didn’t need to rub in’. Well I discovered the morning after, through it developing through my night out, that you did need to rub it in… I had developed in perfect orange circles. Since then, I have been on a quest to find the perfect tanning product. I have tried everything; mousse, instant, lotion, oil, mist, wipes, in-shower, tinted moisturisers, the lot. My hard-to-tan skin needs a healthy, natural tan, that I can do instead of going to a professional, or a tanning booth (one Mississippi). I would love to try this and hopefully find my perfect product xx

  • WoSu says:

    I’m a fair Chinese Asian – fake tans tend to make me go orange!
    That said, I gave Tan Luxe a go this summer and got a lovely glow the day after. Then typically I got too excited and completely overdid the 3-4 recommended drops! Went patchy and dirty and have spent the last week exfoliating and wearing long sleeves in this heatwave. Ugh.

    Never one to give up though. Would love to try the Oskia one – it sounds like a dream!

  • Mads says:

    … And the winners are: Roberta, Natalie, Jo Chadwick, Ellie, and Sue. I’ve sent you all e-mails so look out for them! Thank you to everyone for entering!

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