Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Range Review

Make-up , 8 August 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Concealer, Magic Powder, and Pillow Talk Additions, Reviewed

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Whether IRL at parties/weddings/doing make-up for people or online, I am unquestionably asked more questions about Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up than any other single beauty thing. Rather than regurgitating the same info ad infinitum and eventually boiling things down to ‘yes, you need this’ or ‘no, it’s shit’ without context, I thought I’d write this review of the four newbies before I get sick of answering Tilbury questions.

But first, a picture of me and Charlotte at the day of learning about said new products – we’re both wearing the Pillow Talk lipstick with our vastly different skin tones, proving how universally flattering the colour is. I am aware that I am not stating anything that many of you won’t already know – Pillow Talk is the hero of her lip colours, a regular sell out. Which is precisely why she wanted to expand the range with…

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Range

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic Swish & Glow Blusher / Semantics aside (a blusher = someone who blushes, blush = the product that mimics it), I like this one a whole lot, and think the rusty bronze actually mimics real blush very well on someone of my skin tone. On much lighter or darker, I’d test it before buying. One niggle: it imparts sheen as the pool of highlighter in the middle invariably ends up on your brush unless you have one with a tiny head for precision. So if you want something that’s v subtle, this ain’t it. In the above picture, that highlighted section on my cheek is as a result of blending out the edges of blush – not of adding highlighter. My skin is fairly uniform thanks to Pam at Mortar & Milk’s advice, but if you have lumps and bumps, highlight all over cheeks isn’t ideal. Launching at the end of September.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Luxury Palette / Sunset-hued eyes are still going strong and for good reason – they make green accents pop and, provided they’re paired with a good lick of mascara, add a glitter to eyes. They also lend a romantic feel – I’m wearing them in the above picture and definitely think they lend my eyes a wistful aspect. This quad contains a shimmery pink, a glitter ‘pop’ shade, and two matte shades, one lighter, one darker. All of them would look great applied in a haze around the eye – and if you want more definition, just add eyeliner and mascara. Launching at the end of September.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Range

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder / Powder has fallen from popularity and I simply can’t understand why. Yes the driest of skins often don’t need it, but it does make everything stay put and adds a little blur, making skin appear slightly airbrushed provided you get one that suits your skin. This is an interesting alternative if you’ve found traditional magnifying powders do nothing for you – rather than magnifying, it locks make-up down, adds a blur, and a little illumination. So you can have your long-lasting finish AND a glow. See the shot of me at the top for it in action – I’m wearing it over the magic concealer and it hasn’t reduced my skin’s radiance in the slightest. Launching on the 23rd of August. 

Magic Concealer

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer / Charlotte wanted this to be foolproof, and she’s absolutely delivered on that front. All you have to do to apply this correctly is twist the bottom to dispense concealer into the foam cone, and swipe, blending the edges with your finger. It comes in MANY colours (Charlotte’s make-up is great on this front – see above), and covers blemishes while blending into skin well. I add a touch of powder over the top, but you don’t have to as it doesn’t look wet once on. It can be used under eyes or on redness/blemishes. At a pinch, you could swipe it over your face as a foundation. My only concern is here is hygiene – I can’t seem to pull the foam head off to wash it so as I’m prone to acne, I’ve taken to just using it under my eyes as foam + product + bacteria is a recipe for blemishes if your skin is that way inclined. Launching on the 23rd of August. 

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