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Round-Up , 16 August 2018

Beauty Minis I’d Really Recommend

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This year, every beauty brand going has released myriad travel options. This is enormously helpful if you’re trying to get past airport security with your beauty stash – but please don’t do what the woman in front of me in security on the way to Greece did and pack an entire carry on suitcase full of minis that took twenty minutes to scan through those annoying see-through bags. I almost missed my flight on account of her insane scheme and the security woman’s kindness in not confiscating all but one tiny bag’s worth of goods.

Where was I? Ah yes, minis. The other thing that’s handy about them is that they weigh a lot less than their heavy full-sized counterparts, so if like me you find that your back is increasingly prone to aches and pains when hauling around many a possession, you can sling a deodorant and shampoo in your bag if staying elsewhere overnight/for a weekend without risking a cricked neck.

Here are the ones I’ve packed, and some musings on minis in general //

Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo & Conditioner / Shampoo and conditioner sizes are an especially tricky one to get right. Tiny hotel bottles last two washes I find, while bigger ones are insanely heavy and likely to end up bursting in luggage. These are the right size for a week of daily washes. Also, this brand is vegan and cruelty-free and all the other ethical things if that holds sway for you.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Cologne / This is much too generous for a week or even fortnight, but as I like to extend perfume to span a period of life and thereby anchor memories to it, I’ve been using this on all my little jaunts this summer and think it’ll last me well into October.

MAC Little MAC Lips in Velvet Teddy / Without question the best mini make-up range going, Little MAC offers up classics in teeny tiny sizes that make packing options viable. This colour is a perennial classic and I use it with a dab of gloss for perfect ‘undone’ lips.

Vanderohe No 1 Mini / This is a great shout, not just because it’s insanely nourishing and gives fantastic glow after a day spent out at sea/in the sun, but also because it is a v good quality oil that can also be used (albeit sparingly – it ain’t cheap) on v dry cuticles and to smooth down frizzy hair. Even with daily use you can expect this to do your face and chest for a good two months.

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant Mini / Just so brilliant – this deodorant: a) works – and trust me on that, I’ve been using it in Greece while trekking up hot, dusty paths sweating profusely; b) looks pretty – this is not insignificant if like me you’re an aesthete, and c) is tiny but also seems to last ages.

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