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Podcast , 9 September 2018

Beauty Full Lives / The Podcast

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I’ve long believed that beauty products and rituals evoke emotions, engender behaviours, enable confidence. It’s such a sensual thing – products go on your skin, in your hair. They engulf you like a cloud, come along with you on dates, to birthday parties, to funerals. They inextricably exist as part of your life – and sometimes I truly believe they facilitate a part of life (I sure as hell wouldn’t have done half the things I’ve done in my life had concealer not been invented).

As such, they become part of your story. The eyeshadow you wore when you were 16, for example, will hold nostalgia in a way that music or the smell of someone’s skin might. Ditto your mum’s perfume, the lipstick you used to steal from your sister, the bronzer you crack out every summer to look sun kissed.

As you’ll know, I’m always on the hunt for a stellar product – but products with a human back story have always been the thing that’s compelled me, so I decided to start a podcast called Beauty Full Lives to explore just that and spent a portion of the last year hunting down interesting people who’d tell me some stories about the things they put on themselves and how the person looking back at them in the mirror makes – and has made – them feel.

I won’t tell you about all the guests just yet but they include Kylie Minogue, Sam and Nic Chapman, Dolly Alderton, Esther Coren, Holly Willoughby, and Tina Earnshaw. I’ve yet to not be completely riveted by a single one of my guests, and hope that you will both listen and enjoy them too.

I’d like to share a nugget of insecurity before I give you the details: broadcast journalism is a newish format for me and I have been learning it on the job, so do please be kind if you find me a bit wet behind the ears at times!

Here are the details: Beauty Full Lives is now available to subscribe to on all podcast platforms, and episode one is out on Tuesday morning. It’s completely free to listen to, and if you’re new to podcasts, all you have to do is search for it on iTunes, or, if you have an iPhone, click on the purple ‘podcasts’ app, or head to, where you can listen to episodes in full. There’ll be a new episode each week, and it apparently makes an enormous difference if listeners rate, review, and subscribe, so if you’d like to support it and me, please do those things if you have a minute. Please do also feel free to suggests guests you’d like to hear – I’m all ears (and hope you will be too!).

Click here for the teaser of Beauty Full Lives and to subscribe.


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