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Diary, Freelance & As Featured In , 10 September 2018

Me In MC! #MarieClaire30

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I was in Portugal lamenting the end of my holiday when an e-mail from the fashion team at Marie Claire popped into my inbox to ask if I’d take part in an influencer shoot for their 30th anniversary issue. I immediately thumbed a excited ‘YES PLEASE’ in response, and then got so excited that I forgot suncream (this never happens to me), and managed to burn a patch of my back. That patch will never go back to normal – but, for the privilege of appearing in such a seminal issue of Marie Claire, it’s hardly a terrific burden and maybe the little patch of pigmentation will serve as a reminder of that moment, a sort of ugly tattoo of sorts, if you will.

But I wasn’t just thrilled that they wanted me to do it – everything from the ’80s theme to the idea of recreating classic shoots from past issues, to the fact that the other four women taking part were pretty damn inspiring really filled me with glee. (By the way please do spare a thought if you look at the full spread for Peony Lim, who had to wear that huge brown coat on the hottest day of the year in a studio with no air con. I too suffered and that blazer I was wearing made me feel terribly faint, but I really can’t compare my hardship with hers given that she was wearing some sort of cashmere winter affair).

Do buy the issue – me aside (!) it’s packed with some brilliant interviews and thought-provoking pieces and serves as a great reminder of the joys of thumbing through a magazine.

And while I have you here, I just wanted to say another little thank you for reading, subscribing and telling your friends about my internet efforts – I feel hugely privileged to like my job so much and am enormously appreciative of your time and trust.

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