Me and Dolly Alderton

Interview, Podcast , 18 September 2018

Dolly Alderton on Beauty Full Lives

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Click here to listen to episode one of Beauty Full Lives with Dolly Alderton.

To know Dolly Alderton is, it seems, to love Dolly Alderton. Or at least that’s what almost every single person who’s heard that Dolly is my first guest on the podcast has lead me to believe.

Since interviewing her, I’ve joined her ranks of fans. I always loved her brilliant writing and insights – but the fact that her talent is underscored by genuine warmth and kindness has completely won me over. Dolly is by nature someone who makes you feel at home, asks how you are, will spend an extra fifteen minutes having a natter when, clearly, she’s got a shed load of work to get on with. She even let me bring Monty beagle to her new flat, which told me Dolly values dogs over things. Such people are keepers in my view.

Dolly touches on so much in this episode that my precis is bound to fall short, but in the mix is her belief that women absolutely don’t have to hold themselves to the same high standards as models (YES DOLLY), an exploration of her slightly awkward teen years, the joy of finding the right hair cut, and how totally brilliant a hot bath can be.

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Products Dolly mentions include:

– L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray

– Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Jet Black

– Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

– Floris Rose and Geranium Bath Essence

– REN Rose Otto Bath Oil

– L’oreal Lash Architect

– Eylure Full Set False Lashes

– Nars Duo in Isolde

– Chanel Mystic Eyes Palette

– Penhaligon’s Cornubia

– Diptyque Do Son

– Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady

– Dolly does her hair at Myla and Davis in Brixton and recommends Sam

Beauty Full Lives is produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee

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