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Hair , 14 November 2018

SmoothSkin Muse Update and Discount Code

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I have been embarking on a quest to rid myself of my body hair. Not all of it, just select portions that drive me mad because shaving and waxing and threading them is expensive and time-consuming and painful and boring.

I decided my crusade against my hirsuteness would be a perfect time to test an IPL device’s mettle, so teamed up with SmoothSkin to put their Muse IPL through its paces.

Now, I’m not at the end of the trial period yet – I’ve been diligently zapping away every Sunday for eight weeks and have four remaining – but it looks pretty damn promising. Wirey whiskers have completely given up, moustache has gone, underarms grow a mere few hairs, and legs are mostly there.

I’m going to do a full write up in a month when I’ve finished my trial, but for those of you who are keen on being a bit less hairy, pronto, I have good news in the form of a discount code.

Two things before you steam ahead: 1) It only works if you use it. If you’re the sort of person who’ll buy something and let it languish in a cupboard, don’t bother, 2) Your hair needs to be darker than your skin for the IPL machine to ‘see’ and target the hair.

To get the discount, all you have to do is enter the code ‘MADELEINE’ at the checkout when you’ve chosen your SmoothSkin device. Here’s what you’ll get off:

– 20% off SmoothSkin Bare for US and UK

– 30% off SmoothSkin Muse in the UK

–  30% off Gold for the US


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