Skimono Sheet Masks Review

Skincare , 19 November 2018

SKIMONO Sheet Masks Discovery Pack / Review, Discount, Giveaway

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If you have even a passing interest in skincare, you can’t have missed that sheet masks have truly entered the fray and are revered for their sheer efficacy – while they’ll make you look a bit like Michael Myers as you’re wearing them, they’re unparalleled for their ability to hydrate, soothe, and add lustre to skin.

With this popularity, however, comes an abundance of imitation sheet masks – and, having tried a whole bunch of them, I can unequivocally tell you that it’s worth shelling out for the real deal if you want results.

And so to Skimono, a brand I’m working with this week who has created one of the best sheet masks I’ve used, and also impressed me on the below counts:

– The quality of the masks is outstanding. The biocellulose (which is biodegradeable, btw) holds 100 times its weight so you’ll get a hell of a lot of serum, and it moulds to the face and gets in all the little nooks (which, let’s face it, is precisely where you want intensive treatment) and stays there without having to adjust it all the time. The serum in the pack is excellent too, so squeeze the whole lot out and smear it on your neck/chest/wherever – just don’t waste it.

– They’ll stay moist. This bit’s important. If a sheet mask dries and sticks to your skin during its tenure on your face, there’s a chance it could pull back some of the moisture it’s given you. This stuff, no. In fact, once you’ve used it on your face for half an hour or so, you can easily just slide it onto another body part in need of moisture to get maximum bang for your buck.

– Skimono = skin + kimono, and if you look at the brand’s entire messaging, you’ll find echoes of this sense of layering and ritual everywhere. This is important: yes, the masks obviously ‘work’ regardless of what you’re doing while you wear them, but the ritualistic side of beauty comes with myriad benefits and Skimono are keen to encourage sitting back as the ingredients work their way in.

Some of my favourite sheet mask tips, mostly purloined from experts:

– Put them in the fridge before you apply them if you get puffiness.

– If you’re going out to a big event, use yours beforehand – it’ll make skin look backlit (I often use a Skimono before a big night out and, when I do, people always ask why my skin is so glowing).

– Lie down with your feet up on a wall while you wear yours. Sounds MAD, but as your blood circulates, the effects seem to be more pronounced. You’ll see what I mean.

The Giveaway //

I’m giving away three Skimono Anti-Ageing+ Discovery Packs over on my Instagram (they contain my favourite face mask, as well as a hand and foot sheet mask).

The Discount Code //

Enter: madforamask when buying any Skimono products from their website to save 35%.

This post has been sponsored by Skimono.


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