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The Symprove Discount Code

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There may be some of you reading for whom my constant moaning about my health last winter remains vividly seared in your memory. For those of you who’ve managed to forget, here’s a reminder: I was ill. Repeatedly. Never gravely. A little whooping cough here a bad stomach ache there. No hospitalisation, though there was a single incident with some charming paramedics who came to check I wasn’t having a reaction to antibiotics after my temperature rocketed and I got a rash (I wasn’t).

In isolation, you might’ve just thought it was an excessively bad winter, but it followed an unfortunate trend of winter illness. In 2017, I got a really bloody awful cough that took hold so deeply that I lay in bed while in Bath coughing until I heaved and feeling very sorry for myself indeed. The year before that, terrible tonsillitis. In fact, barely a winter has passed since turning 25 where, by December, I haven’t had at least a week off work owing to illness.

And while I live in fear of jinxing anything (I am superstitious only when it comes to health, and even then I’m not truly superstitious, I just feel it can’t hurt to observe all the rules, rather like that man who wears necklaces bearing each religious symbol in The Mummy Returns), I have not yet been ill this year. In fact, I’ve been enjoying the rudest health.

I believe two things to be at the root: first, I am generally kinder to myself. I go to bed earlier. I don’t drink. I eat my greens. I try to give myself enough breaks during the day. But the second one is Symprove. This year, I’ve taken it daily from August to now, and my innards are unquestionably happier than ever before.

As I’ve been mentioning Symprove for some time now, a few of you have asked me if I would be able to procure a discount code. I asked, and now I have one. The below will give you a 25% discount off your first four pack. Click here to read a full review of Symprove.

The discount code: Sym-Supporter25-MS at If there are any issues with it going through, please call the Symprove team on 01252 413600. This discount is valid until the 20th of January.

This post is not part of my sponsored partnership with Symprove.

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