Christmas Podcast

Podcast , 18 December 2018

The Christmas Special

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Click here to listen to the Christmas special of Beauty Full Lives.

MANY of you asked for more Rebecca Reid and Esther Coren, so this week I invited them on the show for a natter about Christmases past and their more intriguing Christmas memories and traditions.

Crucial topics covered include our top Christmas films, what constitutes a good Christmas (no turkey and a curated crowd in Esther’s case, much booze and being surrounded by family in Rebecca’s, and my eclectic bunch plus the waifs and strays from Dad’s restaurant for me), how much is too much when it comes to gifts, and which Christmases we remember for all the wrong reasons (romantic woes for all of us on this one, with Rebecca telling the tale of being stuck in the country with no electricity or means to contact her boyfriend, Esther hopelessly in love with a man who didn’t reciprocate, and me trying to seduce someone with 24 M & S brie and cranberry bites).

You’ve got the gist: it’s a Christmas feast. Enjoy.

Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. 




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