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Freelance & As Featured In , 27 January 2019

The Times Piece (And My Responses Once It Went Viral)

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Two weekends ago, the Times put me on their front page. It was a pretty big deal anyway for obvious reasons, but the noise around it very quickly escalated, going viral after a few prominent people used their platforms to say some stuff that I considered to be quite unkind and thoughtless about the individuals featured.

My routine was quite moderate compared to the others, so I experienced the least mockery and vitriol, but nonetheless felt the sting and, by being part of the whole, very much was party to how ugly some parts of the internet can be.

I’ve responded to it all on social media and in features, so thought I’d pop them in a post as I’ve had quite enough of justifying how I choose to eat/sleep/generally exist in my body so couldn’t bring myself to write another piece here, but thought that some of you might like to be brought up to speed.

The Times Wellness Piece

So, here’s the Times piece – click here to read the feature (it’s behind their pay wall).

Metro Response to The Times Wellness Piece

And here’s my piece for Metro on how I fully intend on continuing to stick to a routine that supports my life and makes me feel good: click here to read my Metro piece,

Huffington Post bit on The Times

… And here’s my piece for the Huffington Post on how some parts of the internet trades in a currency of shaming and holding people up for dissenting from the norm: click here to read my Huffington Post piece.

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