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Body, Podcast , 1 February 2019

Ben Lombard on Back Pain

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Click here to listen to The Expert Slot with Ben Lombard on back pain.

I started seeing physiotherapist Ben Lombard towards the end of last year.

After enjoying what I now realise was the extremely good fortune of having a comfortable back throughout my life, I pulled a muscle in my neck over the summer and then progressively found my back becoming more and more riddled with knots, culminating in my standing in the park mid-Monty walk, unable to lift my foot because my lower back had seized up.

Enter Ben.

After he assessed what was going on and administered a massage, he sent me on my way with lots of tips on how to look after my back better and thereby avoid the complete agony I was suffering when I went to see him that first time, and has added more advice with each subsequent visit.

As the things he has told me to do have been very practical and really quite easy to incorporate into my everyday life, I asked him to come on the show as a guest to talk through them. I hope you find this episode useful if you are suffering or have suffered from back pain and want to take measures to reduce future occurrences.

(By the by, in case you’re wondering, my back is now a much, much less painful place.)

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