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Food & Drink, Health, Podcast , 17 February 2019

Eve Kalinik On Our Relationship With Food

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Click here to listen to The Expert Slot with Eve Kalinik on our relationship with food.

Last year, I went to a talk hosted by Symprove on the gut and brain, and how the two relate to one another much more than was previously thought. Some of the studies cited were quite astounding, with the panel discussing how very closely the two work, and how the gut may have a lot more of an impact on mental health than we’d ever considered.

Eve Kalinik, Nutritional Therapist and author of Be Good To Your Gut, was one of the panelists, and I found her approach to nutrition and its place in a full life to be reassuringly sensible and compassionate. That latter bit is important – sneery nutritionists aren’t helpful, given how loaded and personal the things we eat and how we feel about them (and, if the research is to be believed, the effect that has on health and wellness overall) is.

I asked Eve to come on the show to discuss the connection between food and food rituals and food perceptions, and to offer five tips on how a better relationship might be forged between us and the things we eat. Eve wanted to suggest things that wouldn’t cost anything and were achievable for anyone to offset some of the costly and quite frankly bonkers nutritional advice out there and I think she’s done an excellent job of it. A link to the episode is above, though I suspect/hope many of you will have subscribed by now so it should be sitting there already on your phones…

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