Rosemary Ferguson Interview

Podcast, The Panic Station , 3 March 2019

Rosemary Ferguson on Food and Anxiety

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Click here to listen to The Expert Slot with Rosemary Ferguson on food and anxiety.

One of the more valuable lessons I’ve learned about anxiety is that the state of the body has a huge impact on the state of the mind.

When I’ve neglected my body, either willingly because I just didn’t have the energy to assign to looking after it, or passively, because my connection to it was too weak for me to understand its needs, my anxiety has invariably worsened.

And the opposite is also true: anxiety frequently has made me ignore my bodily needs and neglect myself, sending me into a spiral of feeling physically below par which then in turn made me feel mentally a bit crap and on and on.

Addressing this symbiosis isn’t always easy when suffering from anxiety. There are times when you simply don’t have the energy, can’t bring yourself to make changes, just don’t know what to do.

If you find yourself with the latter but feel ready to make some small adjustments to your routine in the hope that it’ll have an effect on your mental health, this episode is the one for you. Nutritional therapist Rosemary Ferguson (who was my guest on Tuesday’s show) talks about the ways in which the body can lead the mind and some of the foods to eat – and potentially some to scale back on – that will affect anxiety.

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