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Wellbeing , 17 March 2019

Simba Mattress Review + Discount

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I was sent a Simba mattress as a gift by their PR company. This post is not sponsored.

Were the princess and the pea thing a true indicator of class, I’d decidedly belong to a lower echelon. I, rather like the cats in that Eleanor Farjeon poem, can sleep pretty much anywhere I can fit with almost immediate effect. Pop me on a deck chair and don’t talk to me for five minutes, and I’ll be snoozing before you know it. A sofa is a no-go unless I want to drift off. Ditto a hammock – I’ve never been known to remain awake for longer than five minutes in one.

That sleeping has never been an issue for me is a real comfort: come tragedy, heartache, illness, or grief, all I have to do is pop myself into bed with a book and – whoosh – the relief of sleep washes over me.

But quality of sleep is quite another thing. This has remained somewhat elusive, and I often wake feeling like I could do with a bit more, which leads me to being drowsy throughout the day and desperate to sneak off for a snooze, well, anywhere (any table, any chair, etc).

In a bid to enhance mine I have done many things. I sleep on silk pillowcases (less drag and that must be less jarring, surely?), use a lavender spray (aromatherapy is well-proven to prompt a somnolent state), and wear an eye mask in case sleep-disrupting fingers of light sneak through my curtains. I assumed I’d done all I could on the accessories front and that my sleep would remain abundant but unsatisfying forevermore.

But then an e-mail from Simba popped into my inbox asking if I’d like to trial one of their mattresses. At first, I thought I couldn’t really be bothered with the faff of changing mine. Sure, it was ten years old, but it was still fairly firm and didn’t sag anywhere, and I turned it over about twice a year as instructed by my mum, so thought it must be doing a fine job of supporting my form as I slept.

The internet – that unruly force – changed my mind. A quick search on google turned up plenty to suggest old mattresses did everything from cause aching muscles (BINGO) to harbouring bacteria that might make allergies worse (I have hay fever and dust sometimes affects my breathing so that chimed with me), as well as generally not doing the things a mattress ought to foster optimal sleep.

That hallowed optimal sleep was what I really desired more than anything, so I said yes to the people of Simba and arranged a delivery for that very week. It came in a sort of Swiss roll shape inside a box, which made unpacking it quite easy, and felt nice when I sat on it – slightly firmer than my old one, definitely quieter when I moved on it, and spongier.

That said, I am not one of those people who can really tell if a mattress is good merely from sitting on it. I wish I were. I always find that scene in SATC where Trey’s mum sits on mattresses and judges them fascinating and aspire one day to have Bunny’s instinct for comfort – but alas the sleeping is for me the real tell.

First impressions were promising. On waking after my intial night on my Simba mattress I felt very relaxed in that way you do after a deep sleep, while my back felt less riddled with tension than usual. Thinking that it might’ve been a fluke, I decided to give it a month before writing about it, just to be sure.

Four weeks later and I now am sure – I am definitely sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested so am perhaps a princess who felt the pea without quite registering it. A dimwitted sort of princess, but a royal nonetheless, which gratifies my illusions of grandeur.

In all seriousness, I know that buying a mattress is a big spend (though less so with the below discount) and a complete pain in the backside, but if you’re not sleeping well and are trying to get to the root cause, do consider that it may well be the mattress and not the routine/other sleep accessories that need upgrading. (According to the internet, a mattress ought to be changed about every 8 years.)

I should add here that of course no one mattress fits all. My friend Abi tried it and cautioned me against them as she found it made her feel too warm during the night, and she switched it for another brand. Given that I am often excessively cold, her counsel went ignored, and I’m now glad to say it did.

The Discount /

To claim £75 off a Simba mattress, click here. (Simba handily offer a 100 night sleep trial, after which you can return yours if you don’t like it.)



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