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Make-up , 13 April 2019

It’s Time To Highlight The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes Again

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You read that correctly. I know that look was left behind in the early 2000s, when dusting scented glitter powders all over limbs and inserting a jewel into one’s belly button was the apotheosis of cool.

And, let’s be frank, we did all rather overdo the shimmery, glittery thing then, didn’t we? No wonder we got sick of it all.

I remember being in a bar with a dance floor once, clad in a tiny skirt, legs coated in a shimmery cocoa butter paste and glittering, bronzer fluid, rendering them so greasy and shiny that an acquaintance sidled up to me and conspiratorially muttered: ‘Madeleine, your legs are wet.’ That was precisely what I’d been going for. More was more was more as far as I was concerned.

Glimmer 2.0 is more sophisticated. Either choose chunks (ideally pressed haphazardly over eyelids), or go for something finely-milled (which looks great along a lash line or pressed on lids up to the crease line to light them up).

Alternatively, take your cue from the headline of this post and opt for inner corner glimmer.

This is currently my make-up ‘thing’ (I like to have a make-up thing going on at any one time to spice things up). I grab my Surratt Inner Eye Baton, run the loaded wand around my tear duct, and then pat it down. The result is remarkable. Eyes wider. I appear more rested. And it suddenly looks modern again, after years of feeling so dated.

Note: you don’t need a special wand to do it. I am quite in love with that particular Surratt product, but your usual highlighter will do the job just as well (if you have oily eyes, go for powder as adding a glossy texture will only make everything else more likely to bleed and run otherwise). I love Stila Kitten Heaven’s Hue pressed on. If you want something more conservative, try the classic Benefit High Brow (not the shimmery one) to add light.

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