Jillian Lavender

Podcast, Wellbeing , 12 May 2019

Jillian Lavender on Vedic Meditation

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Click here to listen to The Expert Slot with Jillian Lavender on Vedic meditation.

Jillian Lavender’s work came to my attention around five years ago after a few friends learned Vedic meditation at the London branch of the Meditation Centre she co-founded. After the course, they were more focussed, calmer, happier – and all from twenty minutes of meditation morning and noon.

Keen to learn more, I went to interview Jillian a few years ago for a feature and found her approach to be extremely sound. After leaving, I was quite astonished while researching by how many studies there were that suggested that meditation has a hugely positive impact on those who practise it.

In this episode of the podcast, Jillian explains how she came to find out about meditation in the first place, who might benefit from it, how Vedic meditation charms the mind, and some of the effects you might be able to expect should you choose to learn it.

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