Diary , 2 August 2019

How I’ll Be Blogging Going Forward

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On starting this blog years ago, my motivation was to share information and to have a place to write about experiences and perhaps pen some musings. There was no greater plot, no clever plan in place. When people asked me how much money I made for the time I spent here, I would usually end up mumbling something about money not being the best measure because while I work with brands on occasion, it hardly accounts for a fraction of the effort and energy that goes into my work here or over on instagram.

After a two month hiatus, I’ve found that my urge to write (and make videos) was undiminished, and that I enjoy posting periodically here about anything from a great lipstick to a superb spot for a break to a little niggle I have about something completely and utterly random.

But I’m taking it up a notch. Both in the scope of things I’ll cover, and in the number of posts I intend on putting up. I’ll be pulling some instagram content here so that it can ‘live’ under categories where it might be useful, I’m going to comb through anything that’s old and redundant so that you know my recommendations are up to date, and I’ll be adding guides to products and places so that you can have quick references to hand.

It also means that going forward there’ll be more shorter posts and more lists and that’s where I’d like you to get involved. Many of you who follow me on instagram are very vocal there and I’m delighted about that, but if you’ve got suggestions for things you’d like me to cover or suggestions for me, please feel free to add them in the comments field under posts.

I am also considering a sign off. Don’t worry, it won’t be akin to Victoria Beckham’s ‘X VB’. Maybe just a question. Or a random thought. I am so fond of random thoughts.

For now, I’ll leave you with a question: what do you want to see more of here? Be as specific as you’d like please as I’m be compiling a list to work from so could do with your steer.

P.s. If you’re after a recommendation: Byredo hand and nail cream. Cor blimey it’s buttery and delicious and if your hands like mine need a big whack of moisture before bed it’s a an excellent choice.


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