Interview, Podcast , 17 October 2019

Joy Crookes on Beauty Full Lives

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Click here to listen to the Joy Crookes episode of Beauty Full Lives.

Singer-songwriter Joy Crookes made the transition from extracurricular singing at school to artist over many years, or, as she puts it ‘it was so gradual – my life has been so gradual.’

And despite Vogue calling her ‘one of the most exciting artists to emerge on the music scene this year,’ her approach is still steady and careful, dodging people who ‘blow smoke up your a***,’ and with a healthy dose of wariness when it comes to social media.

Her attitude towards make-up similarly started with some sensible contemplation: ‘I hated make-up, I hated it! I thought it was the devil. And that sounds so granny of me but I just told myself “just don’t get into it.” You see these girls who are 13/14 who have to powder themselves up in make-up every morning, and fair enough if they don’t feel like they’re comfortable – but I don’t want to get to a point where I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.’

In this episode, Joy and I discuss all the above along with her approach towards looking after herself both physically and mentally, how having a Bangladeshi mother and Irish father has affected her, and the influence of Elephant and Castle on her appearance.

Joy is an ambassador for, and recommends, the Black, African, and Asian therapy network.

Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.

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