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  • As featured in Marie Claire, Powder, Refinery 29, Arcadia Magazine, Look Magazine

  • Beauty Full Lives podcast has been featured in: The Daily Mail, Hello Magazine, Get the Gloss, ELLE UK, Marie Claire, You Magazine, and Arcadia Magazine.

  • Freelance roles Madeleine’s held have included: video producer for Marie Claire, Beauty Director at InStyle UK

  • Titles Madeleine’s written for include: InStyle UK, Marie Claire, Stylist, ELLE UK, Porter, Powder, The Arbuturian, Julius Baer

  • Winner of the J & J Best Emerging Blogger 2015 Award, and runner Up of the J & J Best Emerging Vlogger 2017 Award

    ABOUT ME //

    Ne’er two words did strike more fear into me: how to summarise a person in a few paragraphs? Let’s start with other people. I’m an Elvis fan of epic proportions; he is unimpeachable and endlessly fascinating in my eyes. I also have a weakness for Kylie (childhood thing – it bedded in while I was impressionable and cannot be weeded out). As a group, I have a penchant for Victorians. For this I have no logical explanation but can say that their industry, fortitude and eccentricity speaks to me and I can often be found gazing at women who look like this when the going gets tough:

  • Victorian Women

  • Closer to home (and the modern day), are my family. I reside in London. Also buzzing around are my Dad (who owns Tiroler Hut where he shakes a cowbell of an evening), Mum (formerly model, latterly mother and fashion guru to one and all who seek her advice), sister (speaks more quickly than I and has endless legs. The cow.), and brother (another former model who cooks like a demon so I’m naturally trying to convince him to make youtube videos for!). My colourful and wonderful friends also feature heavily in my life, popping into my house to encourage me to go for runs or out for a drink when I’m getting a little introverted as a result of my rampant agoraphobia – see below.

    As well as blogging here, I am a journalist, writing mostly about beauty, travel, and opinion pieces. It makes me enormously proud to say I cobble together words – and sometimes videos – for a living (see my freelance section for some examples).

    On top of that, I have a little cottage industry. I’ve always made friends up for special events and this has segued into make-up artistry for those who’d like to: a) look London-y but still prettified (see Sienna/Alexa/Moss); b) ‘like themselves but better’ (CHRIST); c) learn some new tricks, d) want some advice on their beauty routine/someone to streamline their make-up bag.


    The clue’s in the name here; I started this blog to shine a light on things I love that can be bought, from beauty products to wonderful facials, great reads and adventures abroad, as well a few random thoughts and the odd rave about the city of London that I’m lucky to call my home.

    You may have spotted the Oscar Hammerstein quote floating around here that reads:

    “I know the world is filled with troubles and many injustices. But reality is as beautiful as it is ugly. I think it is just as important to sing about beautiful mornings as it is to talk about slums. I just couldn’t write anything without hope in it.”

    I’ve always liked the sentiment and have returned to these words many times when ugliness has crept into my own life; it seems to me that plenty of words are thrown around pertaining to the darker aspects of life and my hope for my place on the internet is to mix all the advice, interviews and streams of consciousness with as much light and joy as I can.

    This brings me to the section of the blog which may seem incongruous: The Panic Station. Panic is the shadow in my life, the ugliness behind the beauty of all those marvellous products about which I could whitter all day. It has been a longstanding problem that I decided to write about after much consideration. Panic – on the blog and in my life – doesn’t quite fit in, but omitting it would bleach out the shade that lends the light its brilliance.

    While you’re here, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for reading and encourage you to subscribe/follow/comment/let me know what you like and don’t like (preferably more of the former, pretty please).


    As well as doing the whole content thing simply because I like a ramble, I also write posts in partnership with selected brands. If you’re a PR or brand looking for a little spotlight, please do get in touch. I also offer freelance consultancy services, as well as editing/guest writing press releases and articles for others.

    I mentioned make-up so I’m going to put that out there too as I’m excessively fond of the old face paint and wield a brush with confidence so give me a shout if you’d like to discuss.


    All opinions are my own. While I receive some samples, trips and experiences as part of my job as a freelance journalist, my opinion is swayed by neither price tags (or lack thereof) nor designer labels – I only recommend what I like. Equally, what works for me may not do it for you. If you are prone to flare ups, always read the label and test on a small patch of skin, which is a good practice to get into anyway. If you’re travelling somewhere, weigh up the pros and cons beforehand. You know this already, fully-fledged adults that you are…

    Finally, some outgoing links on this site are affiliate, meaning that if you click on them and make a purchase, I take a (tiny) portion of the money spent. This is by no means a huge money spinner, but every little helps.

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