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My (Fake) Tanning Strategy On Holiday

I suspect this won’t be an issue for many of you reading, either because you sensibly aren’t perturbed by your natural skin colour while semi-clothed, or because you sunbathe to get a tan and have no qualms about damaging your skin (no such thing as a ‘healthy tan’, it’s all bad news, etc.) or courting […]

Caroline Hirons on Beauty Full Lives

Click here to listen to the Caroline Hirons episode of Beauty Full Lives. Beauty industry insider, facialist, and brand expert Caroline Hirons commands a huge audience across her various platforms thanks to her reputation as a forthright, honest, and reliable skincare expert. To give you an idea of scale, at the time of the episode […]

Jillian Lavender on Vedic Meditation

Click here to listen to The Expert Slot with Jillian Lavender on Vedic meditation. Jillian Lavender’s work came to my attention around five years ago after a few friends learned Vedic meditation at the London branch of the Meditation Centre she co-founded. After the course, they were more focussed, calmer, happier – and all from twenty minutes […]

Poorna Bell on Beauty Full Lives

Click here to listen to the Poorna Bell episode of Beauty Full Lives. Award-winning journalist and author Poorna Bell’s family features heavily in her new book, In Search of Silence, in which she muses on and explores the new landscape of her life following her husband Rob’s death by suicide. They are also a big part […]